On all our main tours we only take small groups as that is the experience we like to offer when we mix people together to show them a great time.


If you have a corporate group, a large family, mix of friends or a school group we would love to take you on an adventure.

We can custom build a great tour for your group or if you like one of our tours we can make a private tour happen for you.

Kayaking is a great way to get out there in nature and is perfect for big groups as there are so many options and things to do out in the islands.

We have taken many school groups out on 2-4 day kayaking/camping tours and the kids and teachers have loved it. The knowledge everybody acquires on these trips is amazing. From team building, cooking, weather and team work. These school groups have included kids who are going through their Duke of Edinburgh Qualifications.


If you have a big group of family or friends we can take you out on an amazing day in the islands so some can swim, some can walk and some can just sunbathe on the beach. Our 2 DAY TOUR to the islands are great with groups as there is so much to do and lots of time out at the islands and at camp to catch up with each other.

We have provided team building and corporate training days for lots of big companies and they have all had a great time. We can make it an easy and enjoyable time or add some challenges.

With our base at OTEHEI BAY it is the perfect location for a mixture of activities. The group can kayak, take some walks to Maori Pa sites and learn about the history at the conservation centre on the Island. And it can all be catered by the cafe at Otehei Bay.

Please EMAIL us and we will help you put something together!