Bay of Islands Kayaking Map

Best Kayaking Areas in the Bay of Islands

The following Bay of Islands kayaking map of the  is here to give you a rough idea of the main area and where you can go. Obviously there is so much more to see and do than this if you want to. There are over 100 Islands in the Bay but this is the main group where there are some spectacular beaches, amazing snorkelling and where the campsites are located. This is here so you all have an idea of the area and also so you can plan your trips for those who want to rent kayaks for your adventure. For our Kayak hire NZ services, we drop them off for you in Paihia. However, if you want to get closer to the islands we can drop off at Long Beach if you email us prior to your trip (drop off fee required).

To plan and organise your trip this is a more detailed map to download from Linz. Chart NZ 5125

Please note: these times are for nice weather and no wind. Times will obviously increase if wind picks up
Kayaking New Zealand Map

Bay of Islands Kayaking Map

We provide full-day kayak adventure tours, and multi day kayaking in New Zealand. We are based in Paihia which is located 228 km north of New Zealand’s largest city Auckland. It takes around 3 hours to get to Paihia from Auckland or 2 hours in a rental car (just joking drive safe!). This makes the Bay of Islands accessible enough for weekend trips from the Big city. There are daily bus services from most towns in the North Island. There is a main airport in Kerikeri which is 22 km from Paihia and Kerikeri which also has Rental Cars available.