About – Sea Kayak Company

We offer intimate and special adventures that you will remember for a lifetime! Bay of Islands Kayaking is fully Kiwi-owned and operated. Come see us, we know all the good spots around the Bay and will help make your day as special as possible. There is crystal clear water, marine life everywhere, white sand beaches and amazing weather all year round. All our Kayaking and Paddle Boarding gear is high quality and the best available in New Zealand.


Best New Zealand Kayaking and Paddle Boarding Experiences!

We are the only local Kayak and Paddleboard company that is located out in the main Islands of the Bay. The water is electric-blue for snorkeling, and it’s where big marine mammals like dolphins and whales hang out.

Our team pride ourselves on offering unforgettable outdoor options in the best location! We will keep a smile on your dial! We are proud to say looking after you our Manuhiri (guests) and our Whenua (land) is our number one goal, while offering you an unforgettable and safe Kayak or Paddle Board adventure. Because of the coastline and numerous Islands the water is usually sheltered and calm. This is perfect for first timers and people of all ages.


And have as much fun as you can handle!

The location to get the ferry to Otehei Bay is either from Paihia or Russell, Northland, New Zealand. We have our New Zealand kayak rental base located at Otehei Bay. Here we offer sit on top kayaks and paddle boards. Our kayaking options start from a fun half hour rental to custom planned team building experiences in the upper North Island of NZ. Our mission is to offer you an unforgettable kayaking or paddle Boarding experience in some of the best coastline New Zealand has to offer.

A percentage of the price of all our rentals at Otehei Bay goes straight to the Department of Conservation. Money is spent to maintain the islands among a list of other things around the Bay and New Zealand.