Multi-day Sea Kayaking Tours

Instead of a fixed Itinerary we will take you to the best places on the day and do what you want to do, whether it be checking out the under water snorkeling trail or finding the dolphins. This trip covers all the main Islands of the Bay and some of the smaller ones too. We spend our time island hoping so lots of time for walks, sunbathing, snorkelling and finding marine life!

We have lots of time to search for Kaimoana (seafood) which is abundant in the Bay. And if you want to keep your fish or shellfish we can take it back to camp and cook it with dinner.

2 Day Kayak Tour

The trip begins in the morning at Long Beach (Russell) and gets back at about 4pm the following day. Our Two Day Sea Kayaking Tour is the Ultimate Mix of Adventure and Relaxation. Along the way we have plenty of time for exploring the Islands numerous caves and reefs, snorkeling (gear supplied) with the fish or even a spot of fishing. There are always Dolphins in the Bay of Islands and we often get to see them up close and in season even Whales. Numerous walking tracks on the Islands offer awesome views and a chance to check out many of the native birds of New Zealand (thanks to Project Island Song).

With all this action we know you will be hungry, and we pride ourselves on keeping you fed and happy with delicious meals on all our trips. Nothing tastes better after a great day Sea Kayaking than a Gourmet meal and eating it on the beach as the sun sets on our campsite. We also know you don’t want to be spending your 2 Days in paradise with a wet blanket so we will give you a qualified and fun guide to show you the good spots! Also you do not get better views of the stars than out on the Islands and a short night paddle in the sheltered bay where we camp, with the glow in the dark of the phosphorescence in the water – will blow your mind!

Skill Level
No Experience Necessary
  • Decent level of fitness required.
  • Suitable for all ages.
Adventure + Relaxation

Our Multi Day Sea Kayaking Tours are the Ultimate Mix of Adventure and Relaxation. Along the way we have plenty of time for you to explore the Islands coastlines and much more!

3 Day Kayak Tour

The trip begins in the morning at Long Beach (Russell) and gets back at about 4pm on the 3rd day. Three days out in the islands sea kayaking, snorkeling (gear supplied), fishing, walking and exploring in the kayaks and on foot! This is an adventure and is suited for the adventurous or those looking to test themselves a little.

Our Three Day Sea Kayaking Tour is an extension of our Two Day Sea Kayaking Tour but with that extra day we can see so much more. We will take you to all the places and get to enjoy everything the Two Day Tour has to offer and lots more. The extra day affords us the time to either have a relaxing day exploring islands close to where we camp or heading towards Cape Brett.

On calm days we have the opportunity to paddle to to the “Hole in the Rock”, paddle into Cathedral Cave or explore Deep Water Cove. Another nice paddle is to stop in at Deep Water Cove where the Canterbury wreck is located and get some mussels at Oke Bay for an entree before dinner.

Along with the extra day of exploring you get an extra night camping on the islands. Dinner on the beach under the stars and a short calm night paddle in the glow of the dark, luminescent waters!

Multi-Day Tours Year Round
Two Days$450Minimum numbers apply
Three Days$POAMinimum numbers apply


  • This tour includes everything except a sleeping bag! Sleeping bags can be rented for the tour.
  • Our Multi-Day Tours are flexible but most of the time we start from Paihia or Long Beach and always camp on Urupukapuka Island. If you want to meet us at the start point that is not a problem. Click HERE for a Map of the main area of the Bay of Islands and where we camp.
  • We will email a gear list of what to bring on booking.
  • Tour includes: all meals, tent, basic mats, park fees and transportation.